Our Solar PV System

For some time, we had been thinking of installing solar PV panels on our roof. Prompted by an unsolicited sales call the process started
Three quotations were obtained and our energy supplier, Southern Electric was chosen as installer.
In February 2011 our system was installed and the roof mounted panels are shown in the picture below

The system comprises twelve Yingli Solar 235W P-29b-1 panels which feed a Fronius IG30 inverter
Our roof faces south east and has a 32 degree inclination

The output from our system (known as SSE's best) can be viewed here at PVOutput.org

PVOutput.org is a free service for sharing, comparing and monitoring live solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy consumption data.

Our return on investment for the twelve months to December 31st 2017 was 10.55% and our cumulative return for seven years 74.56%
on that basis, the system should pay for itself just after the ninth year

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